How is VNIS anti-DDoS attack different?

Most DDoS attack services on the market are expensive and affect the performance of the system when the attacks occur. VNIS uses Multi CDN to filter and receive malicious requests. This means you don't have to pay extra for the Multi CDN you're using and still be able to keep website performance at its peak.

absorb everything

a huge network made up of Multi CDNs can keep websites functioning even under attack


the system can filter out malicious requests right at the edges.

all layers protected

automatically block all L3 and L4 attacks at edge and L7 at origin server.

Port Filtering

Filter out most malicious requests

When Multi CDN is enabled for your site, all malicious requests targeting L3 / L4 that are not accessed through ports 80 and 443 will be filtered automatically via CDN port protocol.

Sustain Traffic Spike

Keep the website alive even when traffic spikes

Combined by more than 2,300 PoP and 2,600 Tbps of capacity from all our CDN partners, your website can now remain safe from DDoS attacks through a continuous global distribution network. every second.

And if multiple CDNs are installed across the platform, the AI load balancing will launch and change the attacked CDN with an optimal CDN.

Keep Origin Safe

Many ways to prevent all L7 attacks from the original server

We offer a variety of methods to mitigate L7 DDoS attacks, including block scanners, block crawlers, and browser integrity checks. These methods are created as a powerful tool to perform different measures depending on the type of L7 attack in the future.


A Layered Protection Process

The process of protecting layers is streamlined in many ways into a single stream to get the best protection results. This method keeps the traffic clean while eliminating bad traffic without reducing the performance of the website.


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