Stealthworker malware threatens the global Web Server

StealthWorker is known as malicious software (malware) specializing in stealth activities like a Trojan Horse. Once it enters an employee's computer operating system, the corporate network system will be in trouble.

Malware StealthWorker will ruin the entire network security system of the business. It crept into the network and changed everything from installing and modifying folders to reduce the security and attack capabilities of the enterprise's network infrastructure.

You will hardly find the presence of Malware StealthWorker in the network because they work in the background, you can not know the time they manipulate business data for how long. They can even create a spy network everywhere the enterprise server system does not detect it. They operate quietly and do not cause any alarm signal.

Malware StealthWorker is targeting Web servers

The latest information from network security experts, Malware StealthWorker, is strongly attacking Web server systems, where there are many powerful resources but security capabilities are not all well-equipped businesses. Modes of attack are reported as follows:

Step 1: Hackers will use the brute force password hacking method, which is the most effective password detection tool for hackers, despite the deployment time. The detection process takes a lot of time, but the ability to detect a password to gain access to web server administration rights is very feasible. In addition, hackers also take advantage of many different computer IPs to avoid restrictions on the number of login attempts.

Once you have a password to log into the Web Server, Malware StealthWorker will spread to the Server system and take control of all other related systems. The hacked Web servers may be stolen data, or compromised the system, or can be turned into a large server member in a ghost network (botnet) to serve for attacks. Hacker's other model.

To secure the Web server system against malicious network attacks such as Malware StealthWorker, many administrators often try to set up complex passwords to be more secure, but that is not enough.

The solution to protecting Web Server safely and economically

In addition to setting an unpredictable password to secure the Web Server, you must also deploy advanced Server Website security applications such as the Cloud WAF firewall, avoid password detection attacks, or detect security holes. poor security on the website

Cloud WAF if developed by different vendors will have different Server Website security principles, so how to ensure maximum website security?

Cloud WAF integrates artificial intelligence AI technology in Server Website security


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