What is VNIS, about VNIS?

VNIS stands for Vietnam Internet Security, which is the leading network security solution in Vietnam, protecting the safety and cybersecurity against the latest global threats. VNIS uses the technology of AI (artificial intelligence) to implement smart security policies and prevent new Web attack techniques with the largest scale.

VNIS protects Web application system and Web Server

1. VNIS protects against Web vulnerability attacks and protects businesses

To prevent hacking techniques from entering websites, many businesses have implemented many manual measures such as raising the awareness of web security for administrators, not using shared web hosting, checking regularly. check website source code, minimize the installation of plugins on the web (for Wordpress web platform), set up backup commands, backup web data monthly, weekly, or daily.

Those are just additional methods that come with major security solutions like VNIS Cloud WAF. You cannot guarantee a website is secure if the vulnerabilities on the website are not properly covered. Cloud WAF VNIS is like a layer of intelligent security firewall protecting the outside of your website. It filters all the traffic sent to the website, then analyzes, evaluates, and learns the data quickly and accurately without affecting the website speed when returning query results to users. legal.

2. VNIS prevents Botnet attacks

The botnet, also known as "Bots network", is a network security term that refers to a network of devices capable of being controlled and controlled remotely by another system to perform an item. network attack target.

There are two types of botnet attacks that your website is affected

- Your website is heavily attacked by botnet networks, creating large or small DDoS Web attacks depending on the size of the botnet. Typically, hackers will know how to perform DDoS attacks that consume the least of their resources, by monitoring website traffic, as soon as your website has the largest amount of traffic from real users, they will perform DDoS with technology application to take advantage of a botnet, your web will surely crash and hackers will consume fewer resources.

- The second way is to hack hackers to gain password on website administration, control and control the network, turn your web server into a powerful resource device in their botnet.

VNIS Cloud WAF will help you get rid of botnet ghost safely. When you are attacked on both targets, VNIS will create a smart filter system, allowing only valid traffic to access the website, protecting layer 7, and also protecting layer 3 and layer. 4 of the webserver.

IP server web is automatically changed, when there are abnormal signs, all thanks to and real user monitoring technology integrated with VNIS Web security technology.

3. Prevent inserting malware into source code website

Hackers often perform attack techniques by installing malicious code on your website for purposes such as collecting user information or redirecting users to fraudulent websites to steal login passwords. , or infect malware and user computers.

So you have to be cautious when accessing unhealthy websites, which are dead red websites.

On the other hand, if you are the owner of a website that is infected with malware, then your website is likely to be of poor quality and have a low Google rating in all results returned to users. This is the worst thing that every business does not want because building SEO for a website requires long and sophisticated investors, but only because the website is not well secured, all efforts are pouring into the river, dump the sea.

4. VNIS prevents data leakage on web servers

For businesses, corporations, and government agencies, the leakage of internal information, financial information, and national security ... can cause enormous economic and political losses.

These important data are stored throughout the network infrastructure and are concentrated in servers, including web servers accessible 24/7, so the possibility of information leakage is huge.

To avoid data leakage, businesses need to manage data on web servers. However, the biggest difficulty for administrators is not finding the right effective methods to protect data on the webserver.

VNIS has global Multi CDN technology, so your data will be stored on the CDN Pops closest to the user, shorten data transmission, and speed up the website. This is also the best way to avoid the user having to request the root server. In addition, VNIS's original IP hidden mechanism also helps prevent IP detection and maximum web server attack.

5. Help administrators to control website safety easily

With VNIS Web security technology you do not necessarily have to be a super administrator. VNIS has an easy and user-friendly web management platform,

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