What is a CDN?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is known as the most effective website acceleration technology in the world today, CDN only really works when it is integrated into websites with extremely high traffic.

If your website is loading slowly, but the traffic is not much, consider strategies to improve the source code of your website, because that is the main reason why the website loads slowly. If you want to use CDN to speed up your website in case the web source code is too old to be feasible.

CDN technology only helps your website to expand its maximum bandwidth when the website has too much traffic, preventing bandwidth congestion and web crash.

CDN also helps shorten data transmission to end customers when they are too far from the web server, greatly reducing the waiting time for data transmission, thereby helping to improve website speed effectively.

When a website is congested, loading time is too long will discourage customers and leave your website to go to another website with a faster loading speed, to meet their needs.

You can sign up for a 7-day trial of VNETWORK CDN, our technical experts will help you analyze and find solutions to improve website speed while protecting the site from malicious attacks. today's most dangerous.

What is Multi CDN?

To increase website loading speed for websites in different geographical regions around the globe, many large businesses have used Multi CDN technology to solve this story.

Multi CDN is a technology that manages and combines many different CDN providers, regardless of which vendor you are using (Cloudflare CDN, Akamai CDN, AWS CDN, ...), Multi CDN can also integrate and manage all CDNs on a single common platform.

VNIS of VNETWORK is a professional Multi CDN management service in Vietnam trusted by large enterprises.

Multi CDN caters to broad-based online video streaming needs. In addition, entertainment media websites, online learning, international payments, etc. also use Multi CDN to ensure smooth website speed, meeting the needs of end-users.

How do Multi CDN help speed up and secure website?

1. Ensure the website operates continuously and uninterrupted when there is an incident of an international optical cable break. Because the website content has been distributed and stored in many different POPs CDN

2. Anti-web crash when there is any sudden increase in traffic because the CDN is able to expand the maximum bandwidth to receive all the sudden traffic (CDN against DDoS)

3. Most websites currently contain a lot of images, especially pages such as newspapers, news ... Multi CDN technology will help your website look strong with loading speed. The sharpest and smoothest

4. You can save a lot of expenses for using CDN for the website if you know how to take advantage of VNIS Multi CDN management technology. The load balancing system will automatically convert the nearest POps CDN to the end-user, saving the transmission line, saving CDN bandwidth.

5. Multi CDN is extremely effective in reducing traffic load to the root server, protecting the webserver, increasing server life.

Registering to try VNIS's Multi CDN service will get you 3 biggest benefits

1. Comprehensive anti-DDoS for Web Server (layers 3,4 and 7)

2. Managing multiple CDNs efficiently with intelligent load balancing system (application of artificial intelligence AI technology)

3. Maximum CDN bandwidth savings (prevent any illegal access by RUM system to monitor real users)

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