The real situation of network security

Website security, DDoS attacks, and website penetration detection are the top tasks of every business today. Website attacks are expanding and evolving complexly with many sophisticated techniques.

A world-renowned cybersecurity firm has announced that the number of cyber-attacks globally in April 2020 was 68.7 million, much higher than February 2020 with only 57.2 million.

The reason is that the recent epidemic time the number of people interacting with the internet has skyrocketed compared to the normal time. Hackers take advantage of the lack of vigilance and immaturity of network information security skills to carry out fraudulent, virus, and malware distribution plans to attack corporate websites.

Many security solutions for website security have been implemented, but it is not always easy for businesses to find good, safe, and economical website protection solutions.

Website security solutions are popular today

1. Secure website with SSL

SSL is a must-have website authentication solution for every business that is legally doing business. After enabling SSL secure website, you will notice the difference in the URL. The path of your website is no longer HTTP, but HTTPS (the last S is Security).

HTTPS helps ensure that the packet is transmitted to the right user, preventing hackers from stealing packets and exploiting content, or tampering with packets that are transmitted between users and web servers.

The packets that are transmitted in the network environment that need to be secured are information about credit card, login password ... Therefore, protecting the safety of users is also protecting the website, protecting the reliability of websites for search engines like google.

Think about it, if your website has a virus and is dangerous for users, then it will be displayed on the search results returned to users first? All the effort you spend to perform SEO for the website, but only because of poor security, all return to zero.

To ensure users are safe from these types of attacks and help businesses to increase trust with customers when they use your website, set up SSL security authentication for your entire website. today.

2. Secure website with the WAF firewall

The web application firewall service WAF (Web Application Firewall) supports comprehensive security for the website, prevents attacks on vulnerabilities on the web, prevents the largest DDoS Web attacks, prevents all traffic from bad IPs, protects protect layers 3,4 and 7 24/7 safely.

WAF firewall is mainly built on two main platforms: WAF based on hardware devices and WAF based on Cloud environment (easy to expand infrastructure)

Cloud WAF VNIS uses artificial intelligence technology to protect websites and prevent web attacks from outside, ensuring website performance uptime 100%.

VNIS has the ability to link CDN from famous CDN providers around the globe, helping to speed up the website, minimizing the distance of packet transmission between users and the nearest POps CDN.

Comparison of VNIS website security service packages

VNIS has 4 website security service packages that are decentralized from Basic, Advanced, Advanced, and Enterprise. Each of these 4 security service packs has a business support function that integrates SSL authentication for website security for free.

a. VNIS 1 - Basic website security package 250,000 VND/month:

+ Free SSL

For only 250,000 VND/month, you have the basic VNIS package for website security with Zero SSL service activated right away. SSL authenticates HTTPS for the website, this free SSL function is automatically renewed when the time is up, you do not need to send a request to re-register for free SSL after each expiration, this helps ensure SSL certificates are continuous, improving the reliability of the website with the google search.

+ CDN Cache Rules:

You can cache CDN for static file types such as images (jpg, png, gif ...), the maximum number of caught is 3 rules.

+ Multi CDN speeds up a website:

With this basic VNIS package, you can experience smooth website speed with Multi CDN service, integrated VNCDN (CDN Provider of VNETWORK) to support website acceleration in the whole of Asia. Your website will be expanded bandwidth and ready to receive traffic up to 100G.

+ Smart load balancing by artificial intelligence with AI Load Balancing

The load balancing system will help the system find out the closest POPN CDN to the user, shorten the data link and return the fastest request results (speed up the website)

+ Pulse CDN

The system will automatically identify which CDs are more superior. Help administrators view real-time website performance and CDN performance data and monitor traffic that is happening in the Internet environment.

+ Beacon Code CDN

The Beacon code is a CDN JavaScript code piece used by artificial intelligence AI to help test the quality of your website network in different geographical areas.

+ RUM Dashboard

Table system for monitoring users, monitoring traffic from users in real-time.

+ WAF request per minute

The WAF system is capable of receiving up to 2,000 requests per minute on your website (including total good and bad requests)

+ 24/7 website security support service

b. VNIS 2 - Advanced website security package 2,500,000 VND/month:

Including the features of VNIS - 1 basic web security package, you can increase the bandwidth capacity for valid traffic to your website up to 500GB.

+ The number of cache rules is 5 rules

+ Multi CDN

Works well with CDN Providers such as CDNetworks Global CDN, CDNetwork Near-China CDN, Chunghwa Telecom Regional CDN, Wangsu Near-China CDN, Alibaba Cloud China CDN, Tencent Cloud China CDN, Wangsu China CDN

Against attacks like OWASP CRS (the top dangerous vulnerabilities)

WAF request per minute: meet up to 4,000 requests (total requests) per minute

IP Black / White Listing: support to filter bad IPs and report to blacklist and block requests from these IPs to your website.

DDoS Protection (L3 / L4): Against DDoS attacks on the 3rd and 4th floors, protecting secure web server 24/7.

CC attack: maximum DDoS resistance with about 300 unique IP / hour.

Stack Domain: is one of the main features of VNIS web security package, allowing you to link multiple domains together and configure them into one.

Specifically: with this advanced VNIS package you can apply security to 2 domain websites belonging to the same hosting server. Instead of having to buy 2 VNIS security packages for 2 websites, you should transfer web hosting to the same server, and just buy 1 VNIS package to keep the 2 websites safe.

c. VNIS 3 - Advanced website security package 9,500,000 VND/month:

Including the features of VNIS - 2, your website can be ready for large traffic up to 1TB traffic.

+ CDN Cache Rules: you are allowed to store CDN cache for about 10 types of static files on your website.

+ WAF customization: You are allowed to customize the WAF configuration on the CDN admin interface for administrators

+ L7 DDoS protection: Anti-DDoS attack for layer 7 (where the most attacked)

+ WAF request per minute: WAF function is ready to receive up to 12,000 requests per minute

+ GEO Black / White Listing: Create IP lists Black / White List by geographical region

+ Custom SSL: you can customize and upgrade the SSL security certificate package for the website

+ CC attack: High DDoS resistance with 1,500 unique IP / hour

+ Scanners: Anti-scanning to search for website vulnerabilities

+ Crawler / Bot Protection: Prevent collecting information on websites

+ Custom Origin Port: You can customize changing the port of the root server to avoid attacks on finding the root server

+ Custom Host Header: The IP / domain is configured at the root server allowing CDN nodes to find the root server easily. There may be multiple websites on the server and the hosting source indicates where the resource is located.

+ Stack Domain: allows you to link up to 5 domains together and configure them into one, protecting all of them with only 1 advanced web security package of VNIS.

d. VNIS 4 - Professional website security package 16,500,000 VND/month:

Including the features of VNIS - 3 and more:

+ CDN Cache Rules: more than 20 rules for different types of static files

+ Wildcard domain: you can add Wildcard domain to VNIS security platform

+ Support Power-Ups purchasable: You are allowed to integrate any existing CDN providers into the VNIS general security management platform

+ WebSocket: helps control requests coming from users, valid customers. VNIS pro package will help you filter out unauthenticated or fake requests and prevent them from sending requests.

+ Purchasable CDN Power-Ups: VNIS professional package with the integrated card associated with Akamai CDN

+ WAF request per minute: unlimited number of requests per minute

+ DDoS Power-Ups: against all the biggest DDoS attacks.

With VNIS 3, your website is secured 100%, anti-DDoS unlimited, speed up website 24/7 and save cost using CDN perfectly.

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