What is WAF, Learn website security technology with WAF

The targets of cybercriminals are diverse today, mainly against two main gateways: the mail server and the webserver. Today we will talk about the advanced web application protection firewall technology used by many businesses which are WAF (Web Application Firewall)

WAF system, if it has high-security standards, can prevent dangerous web attacks, simplify the website security task, and does not affect any factors on the website such as loading speed, online time 24/7.

Today, there are many applications dependent on the website, such as web email, online shopping, tax returns online, or buying and selling goods on e-commerce sites. Therefore, attacks at the web application layer are always higher because website security capabilities are not sensitive enough and flexible to new attacks. Therefore, building a strong WAF firewall system is essential to protect your website against cyber threats.

WAF is different from conventional Firewall systems

WAF application is different from a normal firewall system, it has the ability to support content filtering for specific web applications while ordinary firewalls only act as a barrier to keep the system safe. web host.

WAF can monitor traffic with protocols like HTTP and HTTPS. WAF prevents web attacks at the web application layer, which contains important data information but is not capable of professional and modern security.

Various WAF technologies

WAF now has many types and usually is configured according to the basic principles to help prevent hackers specializing in website vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks.

WAF works on the main function of filtering requests through the HTTP protocol, checking HTTP traffic before they are delivered to your web application. WAF filters out malicious traffic that contains threats, can damage web application functions, or steal important customer data on your own website.

Let's find out 5 popular WAF systems today with VNETWORK!


This is the Amazon Web Services WAF system - This is one of the popular WAF systems in European countries.

AWS WAF allows controlling traffic to websites based on a number of security rules that you can customize with attack patterns such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting. AWS WAF also has the function of automatically creating traffic censorship rules or web security rules for each specific business.

2. WAF Imperva

This is considered a web application firewall system with advanced security functions. WAF Imperva protects web applications thanks to in-depth analytical capabilities within the system. They have the ability to learn and understand the structure of each website. From there, WAF Imperva can test every component of a web application with parameters such as URL, cookies, input field, SQL queries, and many other factors. Thus, WAF Imperva can detect and prevent new unknown attacks, and control abnormal access to web application systems.

WAF Imperva features easy deployment and it works well with load balancing without creating website latency.

3. WAF Fortinet

This WAF system prevents network attacks and protects web applications as soon as there are any signs of attack through the website's popular content transfer protocols.

Hackers can easily attack the web application layer through web security holes, which are mostly created by web programmers.

WAF Fortinet works on the principle that only valid flows can be defined. In addition, WAF Fortinet allows users to configure and customize the WAF system by themselves as required.

WAF Fortinet also has the ability to learn abnormal behaviors on the website very quickly. Then, they blacklisted and blocked the malicious traffic.

4. WAF Azure

This is a website application security service with the ability to control the policies of SSL and SSL encryption from start to finish. WAF Azure integrates the security of core applications on the core application ports, helping reinforce the security and protection of web applications from network attacks from many common web vulnerabilities defined by OWASP.

WAF azure has easy-to-implement configuration principles and simple management capabilities for users. Help protect multiple web applications at once. It can support maximum protection of up to 20 different websites with only a single WAF system.

5. How does WAF VNIS secure the Website?

WAF VNIS is a Web application firewall system, helping to protect the Website against network attacks through website vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL injection, Generic injection without changing your Web infrastructure.

What are the biggest benefits of WAF VNIS?

- Automated learning mode: VNIS WAF has an automatic mode to analyze network attacks, then update the system, helping to ensure maximum Website security.

- Anti-hacking Website: VNIS WAF has a mechanism to automatically patch vulnerabilities on the Website, helping to keep the Website secure at all times.

- Effective management interface: VNIS WAF has a utility interface, helping administrators control the types of network attacks occurring on the Website.

VNIS WAF maximum security network layers, especially Layer Network (Layer 3), Layer Transport (Layer 4), and Layer Application (Layer 7). VNIS WAF helps administrators easily control enterprise website access from insecure networks. All data transmitted or sent must go through VNIS VNIS firewall system. Since then ensure maximum safety for your Website.

What is the difference between WAF VNIS and other WAF technologies?

WAF VNIS has the biggest outstanding feature is that Cloud WAF infrastructure is built in Vietnam, you will be supported 24/7. Moreover, the system does not depend on hardware devices but is developed on a secure cloud platform, so you can easily expand the capacity of the WAF VNIS system that you have integrated. WAF VNIS has the ability to filter traffic for many websites with only 1 WAF system configured and customized only.

In addition, the highlight of WAF VNIS is that the system operates based on artificial intelligence AI technology and intelligent machine learning, helping automatically control and block suspicious traffic, the machine learning system will automatically record. Bad traffic goes to the blacklist and blocks them quickly. From there, the WAF system will not need to analyze them one more time.

In addition to deploying the WAF system for website security, webmasters need regular maintenance, patching, and strict security monitoring of classes 3,4 and 7 for their website applications.

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